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If you are a group or organization assisting individuals in their quest to serve, you will want to list with The Interchange! Although groups listing with The Interchange are primarily Catholic, there are also ecumenical and humanitarian groups too. If you wish to list with us, please fill in the fields below:

As indicated in our Privacy Policy, The Interchange takes no responsibity for those who volunteer with any organization listed on our Web site. However, we try to check as much as possible any organization before it is added to our Web site. Please be prepared to provide two references who can give an independent assessment of your organization - preferably from a church or mission perspective. You may also be requested to provide two authenticated testimonials from individuals who have recently volunteered with your organization. All such information will be held in strict confidence.

Please Note:

ExamplePeace Brigades International (PBI) is an international, non-governmental, grassroots organization exploring and implementing non-violent approaches to peacekeeping and support for basic human rights. By invitation, PBI sends teams of volunteers into areas of political repression and conflict. The concrete tasks of a PBI team depend on the situation and are developed according to the specific needs of the project. — Taken from PBI-Canada Listing

ExampleTo provide adequate and affordable housing for God's people in need by mobilizing local communities, volunteers, material and financial resources. Houses are sold at no interest and no profit. — Taken from Habitat for Humanity Listing

ExampleOur program is a process of protection, education, prevention and rehabilitation, accepting those who come to us as they are, and knowing that we can learn much from them. — Taken from Amanecer Listing

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ExampleUse this field to list specifics about the length of commitment, e.g., Mexico: Trips are mid-July to mid-August, approx. 35 days. Canada: Ongoing programs all year. — Taken from Project Brotherhood Society Listing

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ExampleAdults, preferably with experience in solidarity work. Live-in program for volunteers. Flexibility and community consciousness a must. — Taken from Romero House Listing

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