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Daybreak ... offering shelter from the night and the promise of a new day to children, youth and women living in the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia. We seek to awaken and nurture their human dignity and value while encouraging them to develop wholly. We seek a means to accompany them in discovering themselves as children of God, as human persons and members of society. This requires walking together a shared path toward the Christian ideal - a society marked with compassion in which there is Justice, Peace and Love.

Nature of Work

Our program is a process of protection, education, prevention and rehabilitation, accepting those who come to us as they are, and knowing that we can learn much from them.


Cochabamba, Bolivia

Time Frame

At least one year or longer.




Minimum age: 21 yrs. Functional knowledge of Spanish, a must.

Other Details

To receive accommodation with Amanecer, one must make a commitment of at least one year.

Health insurance is the responsibility of the volunteer. For MINOR health problems, one can receive medical attention. Amanecer is not permitted to give salaries to volunteers. We suggest that volunteers seek support from parish, community or non-gov't organizations. Volunteers are responsible for their own personal expenses, towels and toiletries.

Contact Info

Grover Flores, Volunteer Coordinator
Casilla 2431
PH:33844 - 42187

Last updated: 2005-08-26

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