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Jamaican Self-Help

Jamaican Self-Help

Mission Statement

Jamaican Self-Help is an organization of Canadians working in solidarity to:

  1. Foster the development of healthy Jamaican communities through partnership based on mutual respect, and understanding, and a shared vision of self-determination. And,
  2. Foster an understanding of global forces North and South and their interconnectedness.

Nature of Work

We have two fields of work. One is our development work in Jamaica, which is supported by fundraising work in Canada; the other is Global Education.

The goal of Jamaican Self-Help's Global Education committee is to advance the knowledge, awareness, and understanding of Canadians about the global forces which shape modern reality. This is achieved through education in issues such as gender, economics, race, class, the environment, and cultural diversity. The Global Education committee of Jamaican Self-Help organizes a variety of activities to help Canadians understand and appreciate global issues, especially relating to Jamaican and North-South issues. Annual Youth Awareness Trips to Jamaica are part of our Global Education programme.


Youth awareness trips include placements in Kingston, Jamaica in primary schools or a children's home.

Time Frame

Awareness trips generally take place in March and July/August. They last approximately 14 days.



Cost to Participate

Trips cost approximately $2,100 CDN

Other Details

Youth trips are currently offered to young people living in the Peterborough region. Adult trips are offered occasionally, and are open to anyone interested.

Contact Info

Marisa Kaczmarczyk
Jamaican Self-Help
129 1/2 Hunter Street West, P.O. Box 1992
Peterborough, ON
Canada  K9J 7X7
PH:(705) 743-1671
FAX:(705) 743-4020

Last updated: 2005-08-26

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