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Jeunnesse du Monde


Jeunesse du Monde is a Christian Movement with the purpose of developing commitment among youth by: struggling against all forms of racism, peace education, respecting human rights, establishing a dialogue for justice among peoples, respect toward Creation

Nature of Work

Immersion in development projects, especially with the children and the youth or involvement in a missionary work.


Principally in French speaking Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean

Time Frame

Projects vary from 2 to 6 months all year round




Between 18-30 years

A desire to share and an openness to other cultures. Modest lifestyle. Serious commitment either to the Church or the community in general.

Other Details

No remuneration for those in training. Certain programs may be subsidized but there is always a personal contribution on the part of trainees.

Candidates will be submitted to an evaluation by the Jeunesse du Monde. There are always more candidates than available projects.

Contact Info

Nicole Riberdy
Jeunnesse du Monde
920, rue Richelieu
Quebec, QC
Canada  G1R 1L2
PH:(418) 694-1222
FAX:(418) 694-1227

Last updated: 2005-07-01

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