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Kateri's Companions

Mission Statement

Kateri's Companions in Ministry is a lay mission association of women and men who discern a call to service among First Nations people in Canada. Our mission of hope and healing is expressed in culturally appropriate, holistic pastoral care. We accompany individuals, families and communities on their journeys of healing, growth and development.

Our way of life includes:


Two full-time resident volunteer staff assisted by full and part-time volunteers, provide spiritual, material, social, and counselling assistance to individuals and families. Sacramental preparation, counselling support in healing from abuse issues, as well as advocacy and referral services.

Nature of Work

Ministry in teams whenever possible, providing:

Our current projects, all in Prince Albert SK, include:


Time Frame




Other Details

Preparation or training availability:

Contact Info

Pat Grise / Waltera Van Gennip
Kateri's Companions
410-12th Street West
Prince Albert, SK
Canada   S6V 3B8
PH:(306) 922-8582; (306) 764-4126
FAX:(306) 922-0105

Last updated: 2005-08-26

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