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One World Global Education Program

One World Global Education Program

Mission Statement

To help North Americans understand how their lives are interconnected with the poor of the "Majority World" through immersion living, solidarity work and spiritual reflection in developing countries.


More specifically, the program objectives are:

Nature of Work

While the opportunities for project work vary for each program, in-country placements may involve:


There is a possibility that One World will run a program in Kenya in the near future.

Time Frame

Commitment Begins




Cost to Participate

$6500 & $1600


Participants must be at least 18 years old, and be in good physical and emotional health. Participants must be willing to embrace the goals and philosophy of the One World Program, and have a desire to travel and live as a member of the group.

Other Details

Eight month programs include one month preparation in Ontario (Sept-Oct), six months in-country from Oct. to March (participants will usually have two or three placements during this time) and a one month debriefing in Ontario (March-April).

The Mexico summer program is six weeks long and includes a week of preparation, four weeks in-country, and a week of debriefing in Ontario.

After applying to the program, the selection process involves reference letters, an interview, an introductory weekend in May, and the preparation period in September. Participants need to fundraise or pay the full cost of the program ($6500 for 8 month programs and $1600 for Mexico) which includes: -- Airfare and visas -- Basic living costs for the preparation and debriefing periods (food, travel, accommodation) -- All living and travel costs while in-country.

Each participant is responsible for arranging their own insurance, obtaining a valid passport, and acquiring appropriate vaccinations.

Contact Info

Pamela Girardi
One World Global Education Program
314B Paisley Rd.
Guelph, ON
Canada  N1H 2P9
PH:(519) 837-1636

Last updated: 2006-10-15

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