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REACH Youth Ministry


REACH stands for Retreat Evangelization And Conversion of Hearts. Our objectives are two-fold: First, through our retreat ministry, we strive to bring young people and Jesus Christ together by providing faith experiences that will lead to initial or ongoing conversion of hearts to the Lord. Second, we strive to provide a healthy environment for the REACH Teams. We strive to make REACH team life a positive, healthy, and faith-filled experience for our team members by providing community living, guidelines, faith formation and ongoing care throughout the year.

Nature of Work

REACH Youth Ministries recruits single, Catholic, young adults who volunteer a year of their lives to serve on a REACH Traveling Retreat Team. The REACH teams present retreats, or assist in ministry on retreats, for elementary, middle school, high school, and college students.


REACH is based in Cowiche, Washington. This is where our training takes place and the teams come in-between road trips.

REACH travels extensively in the Northwest (WA, MT, ID, OR). East as far as Illinois; as far north as Prince George, BC, Canada; and as far south as San Diego, CA.

Time Frame

11 months. Mid-August to the end of June.




Potential team members must be at least 18 by the first day of our training. Team members must be practicing Catholics, faithful to the teachings of the Church, desire to live out their faith in community, and desire to share their faith with young people and each other.

Potential team members must fill out an application and after that, if invited, to be able to come to Washington for an interview. Because of the nature of our ministry we go through a thorough interview process and if accepted it is required by our diocese to do a criminal background check.

Other Details

The first 6 weeks is spent in formation. Team members are trained in Catholic doctrine, Catholic spirituality, community living, and retreat ministry skills.

FINANCES: REACH is a non-profit ministry. Retreat Fees cover only about one quarter of the actual cost incurred in sustaining this ministry. Team member sponsorship and generous contributions of individuals who prayerfully tithe to REACH make up the deficit. Each team member is required to raise a minimum of $4000.00 (US) to cover the expense of training/formation, food and lodging, team travel and expenses and personal stipend of about $100 a month. Food, housing, transportation and auto insurance (if you are a driver) are all provided.

Contact Info

Laura McCain (Recruiting Coordinator)
REACH Youth Ministry
P. O. Box 130
Cowiche,, WA
America  98923
PH:(509) 678-8754
FAX:(509) 678-8758

Last updated: 2005-07-01

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