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Roots of Change Foundation

Roots of Change Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of this Edmonton, Alberta based Foundation is to serve the poor in Nicaragua in accordance with the vision of Blessed John Paul II: “The poor should not be seen as a problem, but as a people who can become the principal builders of a new and more human future for everyone.”


To provide financial resources that will enable students to attend school and obtain a post secondary education, support farmers and entrepreneurs as they attempt to support their families, and to promote health and wellness by making available medical clinics in one of the poorest areas in Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua. Our partner organization in Nicaragua, Fundacco, makes recommendations as to what new projects require funding.

Nature of Work

School supplies and local “in house” libraries are made available, scholarships support post secondary students, funding for two collective farms make it possible for 25 families to purchase seeds and irrigation equipment, health education programs are available for children and more than two thousand patients, mostly women and children receive the medical attention of a full time doctor.



Time Frame

School trips for high school students are normally taken during spring breaks. Adult trips are one to two weeks in length.



Cost to Participate

Those who travel to Nicaragua for missionary purposes, or who wish to familiarize themselves with the various projects, pay for the full cost of the trip. Those who receive the Volunteer Award have their living expenses in Nicaragua subsidized to a maximum of $1000.


All who travel to Nicaragua are well informed about the living conditions in an impoverished country. Those who volunteer must have the personality and social skills that would make the experience fulfilling for all parties. All who travel to Nicaragua under the auspices of the Roots of Change Foundation must first sign a Waiver and Release form.

Other Details

The Board member who is responsible for administrating the ongoing projects meets with Fundacco members once a year. Two young adults who successfully apply for the Fr. Denis Hebert Volunteer Award make a two to three month commitment.

The Foundation is very grateful for all the support it receives. A Planned Giving Program is in place to secure funding for future needs.

Yearly operations are supported by ongoing contributions of the local community, its outlying areas and from members in St. Albert, St. Paul and Edmonton areas as well as supporters of the Vancouver and Comox communities. The Foundation has recently inaugurated a Planned Giving Program to secure funding for future needs.

Contact Info

Eugene Malo
Roots of Change Foundation
P.O. Box 92
St. Albert, AB
Canada  T8N 1N2

Last updated: 2012-01-19

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