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Scarboro Lay Missioners

Scarboro Lay Missioners

Mission Statement

As the prophet Micah called us to do, we strive to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God in our encounter with peoples of overseas nations, inspired by our faith in Christ as companion, guide, liberator and hope.

Nature of Work

Scarboro Lay Missioners work with the marginalized and non-evangelized in many areas, including teaching, health care, pastoral work, maintenance work and community organization.


Time Frame

Three years (first term overseas service)




Men and women, Canadian citizens, married couples or single, aged 23 and over. Practical experience. Roman Catholics impelled by a strong faith motivation. Participants attend a four-month orientation program in Canada.

Other Details

Living and medical expenses, as well as a small monthly stipend. Transportation costs to and from mission are also paid. In some cases, the new missioner will have to complete language studies, which will also be covered.

Contact Info

The Lay Mission Office
Scarboro Lay Missioners
2685 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON
Canada  M1M 1M4
PH:(416) 261-7135, ext. 265
FAX:(416) 261-0820

Last updated: 2005-07-01

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