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Sisters of St. Benedict - Volunteer Program

Sisters of St. Benedict - Volunteer Program

Mission Statement

St. Benedict's Monastery, Winnipeg, is the home of the Benedictine monastic women who, through a balanced rhythm of prayer, work, leisure and study, promote a stable and peaceful environment conducive to the well-being of person, the building of relationships and service to others.

Among the ministries carried on at the monastery are hospitality to guests, celebration of liturgy, community administration, formation of new members, care of the sick and elderly and many other services that transform a house into a home of spiritual growth.


The Retreat and Conference Centre, adjacent to the monastery, is a welcoming place for religious retreats and spirituality programs for persons of all faiths, for workshops and in-services for people of all professions and walks of life. The Centre is an extension of the monastery, providing hospitality to all persons who seek meaning and direction in their lives in an atmosphere of welcome, safety and peace.

Nature of Work

The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to invite women and men to participate in our Benedictine charism of hospitality and contemplative living. Through the Volunteer Program, the unique interests, skills and creative talents of volunteers can be affirmed and nurtured. Through the mutual sharing of these gifts our mission towards the wholeness of person and earth is strengthened and the quality of life for all those we serve is enhanced.

Volunteers at St. Benedict's are people of all ages with a sense of commitment, a love of service and a desire for community who give freely of their time and talents in an area of their preferred choice.

Volunteer services needed include: organic gardening, flower and herb gardens, management/planting of trees, stabilizing river bank, developing nature paths, chauffeuring, physiotherapy, pastoral care, social activities for elderly, food service, housekeeping, library, musicians and cantors for liturgy, advertising, fundraising, computer skills, repairs, maintenance, painting as needed, laundry bakery/kitchen, switchboard/reception desk, quilt-making for donating to the poor; others as occasions arise and latent talents surface.



Time Frame

A month or more of service.




Good health, financial independence, and no dependents.

Contact Info

Sr. Roberta Kehoe, OSB
Sisters of St. Benedict - Volunteer Program
St. Benedict's Monastery & Retreat Contre, 225 Masters Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
Canada   R4A 2A1
PH:(204) 338-4601
FAX:(204) 339-8775

Last updated: 2006-03-18

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