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The United Church of Canada


To work in partnership with churches and ecumenical agencies around the world.

Nature of Work

Agriculture, technical and educational development, health programs, administration, order of ministry (see current requests on UCC website).


With partner churches and agencies in various countries in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean & Latin America and the Middle East.

Time Frame

Volunteer terms: 12 - 18 months.

Regular terms: Three years.




Christian commitment is essential. Education and/or training related to the field of work is required. Previous work experience is required.

Other Details

Contact Info

Patti K. Talbot
The United Church of Canada
3250 Bloor St. W., Suite 300
Toronto, ON
Canada  M8X 2Y4
PH:(416) 231-5931
FAX:(416) 231-3103

Last updated: 2005-07-01

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