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V.I.C.S. (Volunteer Int'l Christian Service)

V.I.C.S. (Volunteer Int'l Christian Service)


A lay volunteer program providing professional and technical personnel the opportunity to work alongside the peoples of the Third World, while assisting in its development.

Nature of Work

Sharing of professional and technical skills to aid in the struggle to conquer disease, ignorance and social injustice.


Time Frame

Minimum two years




Men and women between 21 and 65. Medical personnel, licensed trades people, qualified teachers, graduates with degrees in agriculture, English, Math, Science. Good physical and mental health (with supporting medical and dental certificates.) Psychological suitability. Evidence of professional, educational or technical qualifications. Character references. Volunteers attend a two week orientation program prior to assignment.

Other Details

Round trip airfare, accommodation, health insurance and cost of living allowance provided.

Contact Info

Robert Colburn
V.I.C.S. (Volunteer Int'l Christian Service)
Unit 3, 843 Youville Dr. W.
Edmonton, AB
Canada  T6L 6X8
PH:(780) 485-5505
FAX:(780) 485-5510

Last updated: 2005-07-01

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