About us

Mission Statement

The Interchange provides information to Canadian citizens who wish to offer their time and talents to mission organizations in Canada and abroad. While these organizations are primarily Catholic, ecumenical and humanitarian groups are also included on our Web site. Mission today emphasizes faith motivation and Gospel values which are expressed through solidarity with the poor, mutuality, respect of cultures, education, health, justice and ecological concerns.

The Interchange attempts to match the skills and interests of volunteers with the needs of organizations, on a long or short-term basis. Alternatively, volunteers may do their own search and contact organizations directly for more detailed information.

The Interchange is a non-profit service that offers information only. The Interchange does not make placements between volunteers and organizations — such contacts are arranged strictly between the two parties.


The Interchange thanks Scarboro Missions for their continuing encouragement and financial support. We are also grateful to the Office for Evangelization of Peoples of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops for their help and encouragement in establishing The Interchange in 1993 and supporting us financially for the first ten years.

Paper Brochure of The Interchange

A 2-page colour brochure of The Interchange can be downloaded and printed. It can be neatly folded into a 2-sided single sheet for easy distribution. Due to numerous pictures in the brochure, the Microsoft Word version is a large file (~1Mb). So it may take a little time to download depending on your connection speed. Download Microsoft Word version of Brochure(Opens in a new window)


The Interchange is a non-profit service staffed by part-time volunteers. Donations are gratefully accepted to help in the administrative costs and for maintaining/enhancing the newly redesigned Web site. Please send your donation via regular post and make the cheque payable to “The Interchange”. Our address is at the bottom of the page.


The Interchange takes no responsibility for nor has it control over the policies and actions of the organizations listed here. Any communication or agreement between an individual and any organization listed here is the sole responsibility of that individual and the organization involved.