Everything you need to know about the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

This is basically a three-year program, that is entirely employed-driven and attracts global population to meet labor shortages. There are a lot of jobs that are not being filled locally. A Toronto immigration lawyer provides legal advice to obtain a work visa. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is one such immigration program that plans to welcome about 7000 newcomers by the year 2020. One might take the assistance of a Toronto immigration lawyer to get the details about the qualification required for the program. The Atlantic Canada region requires an additional workforce to cater to the need of local employers. This opportunity to work with Atlantic Canada provides you global identity and develops your ability. This Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was announced by the Canadian government in the year 2017, in November.

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What is the Atlantic Growth Strategy focused on?

         Infrastructural development of the region

         Investment in better trading

         The clean growth of the country

         Innovation in the existing technology

         Developing a highly skilled workforce to meet the growing demands

You can obtain a Free Assessment Form and take information from Toronto immigration lawyer regarding the details.


How does the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program work?

An employer-driven program that offers to hire foreign workers.

Then the employer finds a candidate who meets their needs and fits the program criteria, then the employer offers the job.

Under this program, the candidates don’t go through the Labor Market Impact Assessment.

After the candidate accepting the job, the employer connects to the candidate regarding a need’s assessment and for settlement for themselves and their family.

If applicable, the employer also supports the long-term integration of the candidate. The immigrant can seek information regarding settlement from the Toronto immigration lawyer.

Initially, the immigrants have a temporary work limit, later it gets permanent, so that he/she can bring the family to Canada.


What do you need to obtain a work permit?

         A job offer

         A promise to apply for permanent residence within 90 days of the temporary work

         A letter from the province


What are the requirements of the designated Employer to hire immigrants?

When an employer hires an immigrant, they also must apply to the province to get the designation. He also must provide a commitment to support the immigrant and their family to settle in Atlantic Canada. One must check the list of designated Employers in Atlantic Canada.


What are the different programs that are available for students and skilled workers?

         Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)  for  international  graduate students

         Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP) for skilled workers

         Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP) also for skilled workers.

Job offer from a designated employer is generally full time or one-year contract with all the above. And it is preferable if you have a one-year experience in that specific job. Educational Credential Assessment or Canadian credential is required for the job. You should be well versed in the English language.

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What are some other ways to immigrate to Atlantic Canada?

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): this is the best for business immigrants or people with startup ideas. This is a good way of immigration for entrepreneurs. This has been started since 2015 and allows deserving candidates in the Express Entry pool. It is essential for you to consult a Toronto immigration lawyer to know about the entire procedure. Catch Canadian immigration related news here!



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