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Privacy Policy

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The Interchange is committed to ensuring that your privacy is respected when you visit this site.

The Interchange is the sole owner of the information presented and collected on this site. Any personal information that you divulge will not be sold or shared with any external organization.

The Interchange grants you a limited licence to access and make personal use of this site; however, you are prohibited from downloading and modifying the site, or any portion of the site, without the consent of The Interchange.

All of the information, content, pictures, graphics, and logos contained on this site are Copyright 2005 The Interchange. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that this policy applies only to this site, and once you leave the site, by a link or otherwise, this privacy policy no longer applies.


The Interchange takes no responsibility for, nor has it control over, the policies and actions of the organizations listed here. Any communication or agreement reached between an individual and any organization listed here is the sole responsibility of that individual and the organization involved.